Leesburg Bypass Interchange Options Aired

Representatives from the Virginia Department of Transportation plan a public briefing Thursday, March 2 to present the latest ideas for building interchanges that will remove traffic lights from two Leesburg Bypass intersections. There is a $20 million cost differential among the three options.

The plans for the Edwards Ferry Road interchange have been developed, but engineers are looking at three options for the Fort Evans Road interchange. Residents will have a chance to share their recommendations during the community meeting, set for 6:30 p.m. Thursday at Leesburg Elementary School.

It will still be several years before construction begins on either project, but town leaders are working to address congestion and safety concerns at the two crossing points, which annually have the one of the highest accident rates in town. The projects also will seek to increase connectivity between homes and businesses separated by the highway.

The alternatives that have been developed for Fort Evans Road are:
Alternate A, an at-grade right-in/right-out, with a pedestrian bridge across the bypass for a cost of $79.7 million;
Alternate B, a grade-separated interchange, with Fort Evans Road going over the bypass, at a cost of $96.3 million;

Alternate C, a grade-separated interchange with the bypass crossing over Fort Evans Road, at a cost of $100.9 million.

A formal public hearing is planned in November after which the Town Council and Board of Supervisors will be asked to endorse a design.

A rendering of the lowest-cost design for the planned Fort Evans Road intersection, adds pedestrian bridge, but eliminates access from the southbound lanes.

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