Purcellville-Based Mars Watchers Published in Science Journal

Purcellville-Based Mars Watchers Published in Science Journal

Members of the Purcellville-based Cydonia Institute have published a paper in Trade Science Inc. pointing out a formation on the surface of Mars that they believe could have been created by intelligent life.

The paper, “A Wedge and Dome Formation Set within the Flat Plains of Libya Montes,” examines a keyhole-shaped formation that exhibits a set of geometric measurements that, its authors argue, would likely not happen by chance.

“We believe our paper presents a very convincing argument that this structure could not have been created naturally and can only be the result of intelligent design,” wrote George J. Haas, director of the Cydonia Institute.

The authors, including Cydonia Institute’s Haas, William R. Saunders and James Miller, use images from the Mars Odyssey and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter spacecraft to examine the existence of structures that could point to intelligent life on Mars. The group also published a science paper in India-based “Journal of Space Exploration” in 2014 that it argued resembled the face of Egyptian Queen Nefertiti.

To read the full paper and learn about the Cydonia Institute, go to thecydoniainstitute.com.

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