Lovettsville Mayor Vetoes Council’s Clock Face Vote

Mayor Bob Zoldos took unprecedented action last week, casting his first-ever veto of a Town Council vote.

The council last week was briefed on discussions with representatives of Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry—the designers and producers of clock faces on the town square clock tower—about how to make the faces more visible.

The Town Council voted (4-1) to authorize the town manager to work with Christoph Paccard to install four new clock faces with blue vinyl centers. Making the switch from the original mostly white faces with blue inner rings would require $1,100 change order.

Zoldos doesn’t object to the solution, but doesn’t want the town to pay for the change. “We contracted with Christoph Paccard to design and then build the clock faces and I believe that they owe us clock faces that are well-designed and visible for the cost,” the mayor wrote in his weekly email newsletter.

The town was presented with three options: redoing all four faces with a translucent vinyl that should pass more light and show the numbers clearer, at Christoph Paccard’s expense; redoing all the faces with a translucent vinyl that would pass more light and show the numbers clearer by changing the two with the blue rings to white, at Christoph Paccard’s expense with the town paying $1,100 for the change order to two clock faces; and adding exterior lighting, at Christoph Paccard’s expense.

The council may take up the veto at its special meeting Thursday or on March 23.

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