LCPS Defends Decision to Cancel Dominion Teacher’s License 2 Years After He Resigned

Loudoun County Public Schools released a statement Friday afternoon explaining why administrators requested that a former Dominion High School band director’s license be revoked two years after complaints were first raised about him.

The letter states that the school system central administration received a single complaint about Brian Damron, who worked at Dominion from 2012 until he resigned in January 2015. The complaint was reported to the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office at the time but did not result in criminal charges.

After he resigned his position in Loudoun, Damron went on to teach at a Florida high school, where he was accused of making sexual advances toward a student. That school district found found that he used “extremely poor judgement,” using abusive, sexual and inappropriate language with or in front of students, but was not convicted of a crime.

LCPS Superintendent Eric Williams petitioned Virginia Department of Education to revoke Damron’s license in January 2017, two years after he left Loudoun County.

The statement released by LCPS today says that the school system central administration investigated the situation in 2014 and found that “there was insufficient evidence to seek license revocation at that time.” It goes on to say, “When LCPS central administration received additional complaints and information regarding Mr. Damron in late 2016, a new investigation was conducted and a petition for license revocation was promptly filed. As a result, Mr. Damron surrendered his Virginia teaching license.”

In early January, Damron responded to Williams’ petition, “My signature on this document does not constitute an admission of guilt of any allegations or charges… My signature is only an acknowledgment of the cancellation of my Virginia teaching license.”

Williams’ Letter Details Alleged Misconduct of Dominion Teacher


One thought on “LCPS Defends Decision to Cancel Dominion Teacher’s License 2 Years After He Resigned

  • 2017-03-17 at 3:21 pm

    How does LCPS define “investigate”? Given that their were allegations the boy who roomed with Damron in Norfolk was having a relationship with Damron at the time, and the fact that the boy was still enrolled in LCPS, why couldn’t Damron have his license revoked?

    Why would Damron need to resign if there was “nothing to see here”?

    This is spin pure and simple by LCPS. All of the relevant players were in their same positions at the time: Asst Supt Hough, Supt Williams, board member Rose, board chair Hornberger, etc. Was there a complete breakdown in oversight by the board? Are the LCPS investigators so competent that they need outside journalists in Florida to do there job?

    Does anybody believe any statements made by LCPS that are not under oath?

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