School Board Considers Funding 2 School Tracks

After years of fundraising by Ball’s Bluff Elementary and J. Lupton Simpson Middle schools’ parent-teacher organizations to install walking tracks on campus, the Loudoun County School Board is considering helping them carry their efforts across the finish line.

Ball’s Bluff Elementary PTA has raised about $36,000, and has asked that the Loudoun County School Board chip in the remaining $12,000.

The board’s Finance and Facilities Committee voted earlier this month to recommend that the full board approve the funding. The committee is also recommending the board provide an additional $12,000 to J. Lupton Simpson Middle School, which has also been raising money to build a walking track on campus. The middle school has raised about $43,000, and the project is expected to cost $54,580.

The School Board is scheduled to receive information about the efforts to raise money for the walking tracks at its meeting Tuesday, March 21, and its scheduled to vote on whether to provide the additional money at its Tuesday, March 28, meeting.

Nineteen of the county’s elementary and middle schools do not have walking tracks. Ball’s Bluff Elementary and Simpson Middle School are the only two that have launched fundraising campaigns to pay for tracks, according to board meeting records.

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