Envision Loudoun Stakeholders Prepare for Report to Supervisors

The consultant team and 26-member citizen panel that was appointed to lead the development of the county’s updated comprehensive plan will present their mission statement and goals to the Board of Supervisors on April 20.

The panel has spent the past month wordsmithing broad policy statements that are intended to guide the creation of more specific policies that will direct Loudoun’s community development through 2040.

At the start of the stakeholders committee’s meeting Monday, the overall mission statement was, “Loudoun County will continue to be a prosperous, evolving and inclusive community. It will have a well-deserved reputation for great places—natural and built, historic and new, and rural, suburban and urban—and foster economic opportunity and innovation, fiscal strength, and sustainability.” However, the panel will continue to tweak the wording in advance of the presentation to supervisors.

While much of the committee’s work so far has focused on gathering community input and writing goal statements, it got only a glimpse at one of the fundamental elements of the overall planning debate.

Brian Reagan, Loudoun’s housing programs manager, on Monday presented a brief overview of the long-term housing needs study prepared by George Mason University, which projects the county will face a severe housing shortage under current planning and zoning policies. The assessment was based on in-county job growth projections and calculated the number and type of new housing that would be in demand from new workers. The study’s key finding—that Loudoun needs to make room for 18,300 more homes above current expectations by 2040—has drawn a mixed reception from county supervisors.

While deciding the amount, scale and location of future residential development will be a foundation of the planning effort, committee members were not given time to ask questions about the report on Monday. Planning Commission Chairman Jeff Salmon (Dulles), who also chairs the stakeholder group, said members will have the opportunity to ask questions about the study at a future meeting.

This article was updated on March 21 at 5:06 p.m. to correct the date of the Board of Supervisors presentation.

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