The Schools’ Budget, by the Numbers

This year, the School Board requested a local tax transfer of $759,289,406 from the county to fund a total operating budget of $1.124 billion. The rest of the school system’s budget comes from state, federal, and other revenue sources.

After tacking on an additional $635,000 of expected money from the state, and moving about $5.27 million for school bus and vehicle purchases from the school’s operating budget to the capital budget, the School Board’s full request could be met with $753,459,827 in county funding.

Supervisors then voted to chop $5.5 million out of the school budget, the biggest part of a $7.6 million budget cut needed to take the real estate tax rate down another penny. Supervisors had been working from a 1-cent tax cut from this year at $1.135; reducing the school budget request and tapping some of the anticipated general fund surplus brought the tax rate to $1.125. The county will send $747,959,827 to the schools.

The schools’ request was a 9.28 percent increase over last year’s transfer of $694,787,619; supervisors instead handed the schools a 7.65 percent increase in local tax funding, or $53,172,208 more than last year.

That brings the total school budget—counting school buses, which now appear in the county’s capital improvement program instead of the school budget—to $1.119 billion, 99.51 percent of the School Board’s request, $88.1 million more than last year and an 8.55 percent increase.

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