MWAA Launches Effort to Develop Dulles Airport Land

The Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority is moving ahead with plans open more than 500 acres on the edge of Dulles Airport to development, with the goal of creating new revenue sources that could translate into lower cost for airlines and travelers.

The authority has issued a solicitation for real estate brokerage services to market—for lease, and perhaps for sale—up to five tracts of surplus land around the airport. The largest is the 416-acre parcel known as the Western Land along Rt. 606. Also on the list is a 56-to-68-acre parcel adjacent to the future Loudoun Gateway Metrorail Station at the northern end of the airport property and a 45-acre tract along Rt. 606 just north of Rt. 50; two other nearby properties also may be marketed for commercial development.

“Engaging a commercial real estate brokerage services provider would allow us to fully expose these parcels to the regional, national and international real estate markets over multiple years to maximize financial returns,” Jerome L. Davis, MWAA’s executive vice president and chief revenue officer, stated. “Maximizing the revenue from airport assets helps hold down costs to airlines and passengers, which puts Dulles in a stronger position to compete for international and domestic airline destinations to better serve the traveling public.”

One potential user already getting mention with the exercise is the Washington Redskins. The team is in talks with leaders in Maryland, DC, and Virginia about the construction a new stadium to replace FedEx field when the lease expires in 2027. Open land on the north and south sides of the Dulles Greenway and the Silver Line corridor at the northern edge of Dulles Airport have been cited as prime locations for a Virginia stadium.

Davis said the authority would work closely with Loudoun County government representatives and other local and regional jurisdictions in pursuing the development projects.

The brokerage firm will to be selected in a competitive process. The deadline for proposals is April 28.

Dulles Airport’s Western Lands

One thought on “MWAA Launches Effort to Develop Dulles Airport Land

  • 2017-04-03 at 12:52 pm

    It is my belief that the Redskins will move here. Enough that I put my name in for season tickets a couple of years ago figuring I could get them by the time the stadium is built.

    On the other hand, note who is getting the development dollars—MWAA! (and not Loudoun) Every dollar that goes to MWAA for development doesn’t go to Loudoun. And the MWAA lands and development can compete tax free due to their tax exemption versus taxed parcels in Loudoun proper. MWAA lands will avoid the special tax district completely. What commercial will want to build in the tax district when they can build on MWAA land tax exempt? This is why there is a push for more housing near the airport. Put the schmucks in the tax district to pay for the Metro debacle while the rich developers get richer on tax free land.

    The Loudoun BoS was played for fools voting for Metro. MWAA gets the benefits, Loudoun gets traffic, more housing costs, infrastructure debt, etc.

    Loudoun should be suing to get out of the Metro Compact.

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