Donated Vans Fuel Loudoun Hunger Relief’s Mission

Loudoun Hunger Relief this week rolled out two of its biggest donations to date.

The nonprofit organization that runs the county’s largest food pantry announced that it received donations to purchase two much-needed refrigerated vans.

Jennifer Montgomery, Loudoun Hunger Relief’s executive director, said the organization had three aging vans that, last year alone, transported close to one million pounds of food from grocery stores and farmers markets to families in need. The new refrigerated vehicles will allow the pantry to continue to increase the amount of fresh produce it provides to those families.

“These vans are another means of nourishing our community,” Montgomery said, adding that the pantry increased the amount of fresh produce it provides to clients by 40,000 pounds in the past year. “This isn’t just about calories. It’s about providing healthy meals to feed our neighbors in need.”

The first van was made possible through a grant from 100WomenStrong, a philanthropic group that focuses on supporting shelter, health, hunger and education in Loudoun County.

Lynn Rubin, vice president of 100WomenStrong, said the group is all about helping nonprofits meet the needs in the community. “When we heard that [Loudoun Hunger Relief] wanted to provide more fresh produce—that the groceries wanted to donate it—but they didn’t have a way to keep it fresh, we said ‘we can help with that,’” she said.

To fund the second van, an anonymous donor agreed to give $15,000 and The Wheeler Family Foundation led by Mike and Teresa Wheeler, matched that. SpeedPro Imaging NOVA wrapped the vans with Loudoun Hunger Relief’s logo for free.

Montgomery thanked those who donated and said their gifts would help thousands of people in the county. Many of those people face difficult choices, like whether to buy medication or pay bills or buy food. “Our mission is to help ease those burdens,” Montgomery said. “So thank you, thank you.”

[Photo by Danielle Nadler/Loudoun Now]

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