Waterside Developers Propose Land Swap, More Apartments

Waterside, a huge planned mixed-use town center at the quarry near Old Ox Road and Rt. 28, wants to add 405 more apartments.

The owner, Chantilly Crushed Stone, has also proposed a land swap with planned research development park Dulles East.

Neither property has seen any construction yet. Chantilly Crushed Stone’s plan, approved in September 2015, already allows for 2,595 residential units. To put that in context, One Loudoun recently won approval to increase to 1,240 residential units, and the nearby Dulles World Center, known as “The Hub,” is approved for up to 1,265 units.

The property is between Rt. 28 and Fairfax, just under two miles from the planned Dulles Airport Metro stop and inside the Metro Service tax district. Dulles East is planned as an 800,000-square-foot research and development campus.

The 405 additional apartments would all be in mixed-use buildings, with commercial space on the first floor and apartments above.

County planners oppose the rezoning and more apartments, and the Planning Commission says that proposal needs more work. County planning staff argue that Chantilly Crushed Stone has not shown how adding more apartments would attract additional employment beyond what’s already approved, and that the county should stick to a long-term planning vision “rather than conceding to short-term market conditions or ownership circumstances.”

Planning Commissioner Cliff Keirce (Broad Run) said he doesn’t support adding more residential units.

“The acreage isn’t any different, and you have 2,595 units that haven’t even been started yet,” Keirce said. “And I think that request to put in an additional 405 is a bit premature.”

The land swap would allow a new path for a planned Shaw Road extension, which would bring the number of access points on the Dulles East property back up to three. That number was reduced to one when the original Waterside application was approved. The Planning Commission has recommended supervisors approve the trade.

Supervisors already approved a boundary line adjustment to allow for the land swap in November.


One thought on “Waterside Developers Propose Land Swap, More Apartments

  • 2017-04-07 at 10:11 am

    No more houses. They got what they needed up front. Stick with the plan.

    Waterside is the rare development that I think actually adds value to the County. But developers are developers and we need to be vigilant against the same old developer tactics of getting approval and then adding a hundred houses here and then a hundred houses there and the costs to the County spiral out of control.

    However, Loudoun’s situation is greatly complicated by the Metro debacle. Metro will be putting out a 10-year budget forecast this month. That should be very interesting. What is certain, is that Metro will ask for (a lot) more money than originally planned. Where will that money come from? Houses in the special tax district, such as Waterside, pay extra for the privilege. I can see the BoS caving to this developers and others who are in the special tax district because the BoS has to generate revenue for their money-sucking Metro decision.

    And, just wait, I’m sure when they crunch numbers that special tax district is going to get bigger as the Metro beast will need to get fed even more money. The Metro special tax district is the blob coming for a house near you.

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