Letter: Carol Alexander, Sterling

Editor: My husband brought Loudoun Now home yesterday. I don’t think I’m going to like it much.

It seems it is just another Liberal paper that is a Trump-hater.

I am referring to that article you had in there from Mr. Sran.

Never heard of him, but I sure don’t like the way he had to bring up President Trump and the fact that he doesn’t care to read books. So what?  The man is a multi-billionaire, and is quite busy.  His empire employs thousands of people.  Just how many people does Mr. Sran employ?

I am all for reading also, but Mr. Sran should realize that not all people’s brains are wired like his. I was one of those people who didn’t sit and read books.  I am an energetic person. I like to accomplish things, have something to show for each day.  Had my own little business.

Not all kids are the same.  I have three sons, two have Master degrees and are school teachers, and the third likes to be productive in a physical sense.  As a teen, he totally took an engine apart in our garage and then put is all back together, and had that car running great. Do you think Mr. Sran could do that? Like me, that son isn’t one for sitting and reading.  He’s a doer, a worker. Do you understand?

Also, to demean the President like that, is just plain wrong and hateful.  He insulted all the workers in this country.  Who built the house he lives in? Who built the car he drives? or laid the roads he drives on? Who drives the big trucks to stores and delivers the goods?  Who stocks the shelves in stores?   Do you get my drift?  I am pretty sure all these workers were not the type who sit around reading books.

Sure, it’s important to read, and if you intend to be a scientist, a doctor, nurse, lawyer or any other professional, then you have to study and read a lot.

My main complaint is that I’m tired of the two local papers in this county always have some little hateful demeaning column about our President. He is doing a lot to help this country, to bring jobs back, and all the other things he is for.

Every time you put an insulting column about him in your paper, you are insulting the very people who voted for him.

Papers are supposed to print news, not their opinions. Everyone is entitled to one, but keep it to yourself.

Carol Alexander, Sterling

[Editor’s note: Mr. Sran’s column appears monthly in the opinion section of the newspaper. The opinions expressed are his own.]

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