Letter: Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

Editor: Congratulations to the best hometown newspaper staff in Loudoun County for being recognized by the Virginia Press Association with (16) awards in a wide variety of categories. The awards confirm what many of Loudoun Now readers already knew, that hometown news reported with accuracy, timeliness, and objectivity not opinion always results in recognized excellence.

There are only four words in the English language that end in “ous” and two of them are tremendous and stupendous both of which accurately describe Loudoun Now.

It was truly appreciated by this old state newspaper editorial writer that Publisher and Editor-In-Chief Norman Styer was recognized with a first prize for his timely and to the point editorials each week. Editorials are meant to bring attention to issues many talk about but few in a position to address the issue ever do. In this sense, editorial writer Styer hits a home run every week.
When Loudoun Now first published in 2015 it reflected the professionalism and experience of the staff. Since that time folks all over Loudoun County have come to realize that the success of Loudoun Now which has now drawn the recognition of the Virginia Press Association can be credited to a staff knowing how important teamwork is. The results announced also recognize the creation of this teamwork and the motivation to seek excellence.
An example of outstanding editorial writing appeared in last week’s Loudoun Now as Editor Styer addressed the continuing shenanigans of the Loudoun County School Board. In the old days when School Boards did not get its way they threatened to close the school library or do away with popular sports. Now we have the Loudoun School Board threatening to close some “small” schools. Rather than threaten now the School Board should submit an annual budget that is crystal clear, free of buried budget items, and full explanations of who, what, and where.
Hats off to Norman Styer and his entire staff. You continue to bring Loudoun County readers a better and better hometown newspaper we can all enjoy, respect, and look forward to each week.
Lou Gros Louis, Lansdowne

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