Letter: Amanda Tandy, Leesburg

Editor: I was one of the many people who participated in the #ResistRecess in front of Representative Barbara Comstock’s office from April 10 to April 14 requesting an in-person town hall. She is my representative and has not represented me on the pressing issues of climate change, making the United States truly energy independent with widely distributed solar and wind, protecting the wildlife and wild places that are uniquely American, and protecting clean air, clean water and a livable planet for future generations.

Rep. Comstock’s stance on environmental and conservation issues are not for the benefit of anyone who owns private property, such as the farmers of western Loudoun, Clarke and Frederick counties as it allows for eminent domain for the private gain of fossil fuel industries. She is not interested in the people whose very livelihood depends on clean water as demonstrated by her vote to allow mining companies to dump toxic waste into that water.

Her claim during previous phone town halls that she has the interests of people, like myself, who work in the government and defense industries in mind rings false when she will not heed reports from the Department of Defense that climate change is and will continue to be a significant national security concern.

She ignores the interests of small business owners and elderly of her district when she knows full well that if there was a natural disaster in the district, which is becoming increasingly likely as abnormal weather events become more routine, they would be the most affected. How can she not use all the political power at her disposal to protect them and the rest of us with them?

Perhaps it is because few of the people of the 10th District have her attention on environmental issues. Perhaps the entities she takes direction from are in Texas and New York, from where OpenSecrets.org shows she has received significant donations. Maybe it’s of the many financial institutions also listed on that site. Perhaps they are law firms, like Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, for fossil fuel companies, like Chevron.

I can understand how holding a town hall would not be her favorite part of the job. However, she actively sought this position and has a responsibility to work for the best interests of current and future voters of the 10th District.

The following is a quote from Republican President Teddy Roosevelt. He established the US Forest Service and had this to say, “We have become great because of the lavish use of our resources. But the time has come to inquire seriously what will happen when our forests are gone, when the coal, the iron, the oil, and the gas are exhausted, when the soils have still further impoverished and washed into the streams, polluting the rivers, denuding the fields and obstructing navigation.”

I strongly urge the representative to hold a town hall and explain her votes and stance on environmental issues.

Amanda Tandy, Leesburg


6 thoughts on “Letter: Amanda Tandy, Leesburg

  • 2017-04-17 at 10:57 am

    I’m going to have to write down all of things this George Soros’ funded crowd claims Barbara is responsible for: Thus far, it’s a new Iron Curtain; tap water in Leesburg; the opinions of some guy in Iowa, and now she’s accused of being against clean air and water; the elderly; small business owners; farmers and land owners, and the Defense Dept?

    Why not just claim she hates puppies and kittens? It would fit perfectly with the rest of the irrational nuttiness you’re pushing.

    All of this is sounds like a 4th grade book report on George Washington — it’s roughly all the same, except these folks make things up and hope it sticks to the wall.

  • 2017-04-21 at 9:17 am

    Hello Chris,
    Please provide specific, detailed evidence that this is a George Soros-funded crowd. Thank you.

  • 2017-04-22 at 5:13 pm

    Don’t hold your breath. Chris doesn’t roll like that.

    He’s way more into parroting right wing talking points while pretending he’s having a productive policy oriented conversation.

    His favorite ‘debating’ style is the word semantics game. The author of this letter points to the unquestionable fact that the Defense Department factors climate change in their long-term considerations for the defense of our country and Chris rides his one trick pony all the way to Barbara Comstock being against the Defense Department.

    It’s amusing and he gets lots of love from DickINson type characters, but once you’ve seen the movie you don’t want to bother with the sequel(s)

  • 2017-04-24 at 2:30 pm

    My takeaway from Amanda’s well-written letter is that she is asking Barbara Comstock to conduct an in-person town hall event – Barbara’s like or dislike for puppies and kittens notwithstanding. In these particularly trying times, Americans are actually paying attention to their elected officials, and want to know their positions on a wide range of topics that are important to us. Scripted, controlled statements and carefully-worded speeches at town hall events don’t count – we want to actually hear from our officials, and have the opportunity to ask questions. These folks were elected to serve their constituents, and not the party or President; they have an obligation to answer to us. If they don’t want to face us, then they shouldn’t have run to represent us. People want to know when Barbara is just paying lip service to issues, and what her true positions are. A town hall meeting, however uncomfortable, is Barbara’s obligation to the folks she represents. We the people have a right to hold our representatives accountable, and many are not comfortable with being held accountable. My opinion is either politicians stand up for their positions on the issues and be willing to explain them to us, or don’t run to represent us. So, let’s see if Barbara is willing to hold a town hall.

    • 2017-04-26 at 2:35 pm

      You may want to create a political spectacle, but she has no obligation to oblige.

      Do you demand the same from your local Supervisor? From your school board member? When was the last time any of them held town halls?

      What about the state delegate or state senator?

      We understand. You all passed out the “Indivisible” playbook and hope to create scenes. Everybody knows where Barbara stands. You don’t like the fact that you lost. You are upset that she won’t play along with your political grandstanding. So you whine, whine, whine. Why don’t you start working for one of the umpteen Democratic challengers who have signed up to run against her? Whining on her does not help your side.

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