Letter: Nancy Ryan, Aldie

Editor:  Your recent article “Housing Assessment Triggers Bigger Questions,” featured quotes from members of the Stakeholders Committee, which was created to “guide” the rewriting of Loudoun County’s Comprehensive Plan. All four members quoted in your article, are connected to the development community, (two Realtors, and two executives of land use engineering firms).

My immediate reaction was to ask how much of the committee is made up of those who profit from increasing density in Loudoun? The committee’s job was to create a vision from 210 pages of comments from hundreds of residents who participated in the much touted “Envision Loudoun” process.

The “Visions and Goals” that are being proposed by the Stakeholders Committee are: Make a great place, Be an economic force, Bring people and places together, Strengthen assets and Nurture people. This vision could apply to Disneyland or Manhattan! There is no objectivity here, which means there are no limits. This puts the rural west and the central transition areas of our county in real danger.

As I read these goals, I was stunned. They totally fail to reflect the views of those who participated in the process. Where are the voices of those who spoke about the Transition Policy Area, of whom 81 percent were for preserving it? This vision is so vague it will permit any type and scale of development anywhere in the county. Could our historic rural villages become indistinguishable from the suburbs of eastern Loudoun?

Make no mistake. It is the very future of Loudoun County that is at “stake” as this process goes forward. I hope that all concerned citizens will become involved by contacting the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors—bos@loudoun.gov, 703-777-0115), PO Box 7000, Leesburg VA, 20177—and urging them to reject these goals.

Only with community involvement can we save the Loudoun we know and love. We all need to get involved, or we will end up with a plan that will open central and western Loudoun to high density development all the way to the West Virginia border.

Nancy Ryan, Aldie

Transition Area Alliance

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