Reservoir Timbering Yields $205K Contract, Access Talks Continue

The Purcellville Town Council last week approved a contract to allow Blue Triangle Hardwoods to selectively timber a portion of the town’s 1,272-acre reservoir property.

The $205,522 deal is expected to boost the town’s Water Fund, helping to temper planned rate increases. The town plans to solicit bids for timbering on three other sections of the property. The selective tree cutting is conducted about once each decade in conformance with an established forest management plan.

The council also is continuing talks about whether to allow public access to the property on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge. Some council members have been critical of the town’s current practice of limiting restricting access to town employees. Those advocating greater public uses have discussed everything from hunting and fishing to mountain bike trails. Among the chief concerns of those advocating the current use limits are that the town has limited access to the land via easements though private property.

Mayor Kwasi Fraser established a special committee to study the issue. He and Councilman Nedim Ogelman will serve on the panel. They said the goal will be to explore all the options and report back to the full council. Even though there are only two members, the committee’s meetings are subject of Virginia’s open meeting laws, required to be publicized in advance and to be open to the public.


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