100WomenStrong Awards $194K to 20 Nonprofits

100WomenStrong has earmarked $193,700 to help 20 Loudoun nonprofits in 2017.

Since its founding in 2008, the philanthropic organization has donated more than $1.3 million to Loudoun nonprofits to support work in the areas of shelter, health, hunger, and education. This year, there are nine first-time grantees among the recipients.

At a ceremony at Shoe’s Cup & Cork, founder and president Karen Schaufeld said every year, the members of 100WomenStrong have a conversation about what success would mean for the organization.

“Success in our county for 100WomenStrong, as we look at it, is that everyone is provided the support they need to achieve their full potential, they’re treated as valuable assets, and that encourages them to give back to their community,” Schaufeld said. “So my question to you is, where else, where better to do this, than in our county?”

Schaufeld also invited Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Eric Williams to speak to the gathered 100WomenStrong members, grantees, and elected officials.

“Today is also about a day of commitment in terms of continuing to build on the good work that’s being done,” Williams said.

He spoke both about the schools’ plan to offer full-day kindergarten to all Loudoun students and a shift in the focus of education “away from a test prep mentality and towards really a focus on creating an ideal graduate,” those who are “critical thinkers, communicators, collaborators, creators, and contributors to the world.”

“Our mission isn’t preparing kids for a state test. It’s empowering them to make meaningful contributions to the world,” Williams said.

In addition to the 20 grant recipients this year, 100WomenStrong supports two long-term initiatives: the Community School Initiative at Sterling Elementary, and the Loudoun County Public Schools Backpack Coalition.

This year’s grant recipients include:

  • All Ages Read Together, $1000, to support the program in Sterling and meet increased demand in that area;
  • Dulles South Food Pantry, $8,000, to expand seasonal storage, improve the facility and hire a part-time Operations Manager;
  • EveryMind, $10,000, to expand the Serving Together program helping military members, veterans and their families navigate family services, evaluate mental health needs and identify when someone is in crisis;
  • Five Stones Institute, $4,500, to bring mindfulness training to children in the after-school program at INMED Partnerships for Children in Sterling, supporting Latino children in crisis;
  • Friends of Loudoun Mental Health, $8,400, funding A Place to Call Home program for mentally ill residents to prevent homelessness;
  • Girls on the Run, $1,000, to support the sustainable growth of program, particularly providing a stipend for a 12 month volunteer position;
  • Head Start Program, $7,800, to purchase a vision screener for 3 and 4-year-olds in Head Start;
  • HealthWorks, $37,500, to help fund a nurse Maternity Coordinator position for pre-natal, postpartum, well-visits and family planning services;
  • Heeling House, $10,000, to implement animal-assisted social skills program for children with special needs;
  • Just Neighbors, $8,000, to provide immigration legal services to 15 families and support community clinics;
  • Loudoun Abused Women’s Shelter, $20,000, to purchase and install a phone system at the emergency shelter and crisis center;
  • Loudoun Hunger Relief, $5,000, to improve the inventory and request system technology in pantry and provide nutrition and healthy cooking classes;
  • Loudoun Volunteer Caregivers, $12,000, to fund supplemental food delivery and shopping programs for elderly, chronically ill and disabled adults;
  • Northern Virginia Family Services, $7,500, to fund resiliency-based parenting intervention for parents of children enrolled in Early Head Start program;
  • Peers and Students Taking Action, or PASTA, $1,500, to support the 4th and 5th grade tutoring and mentoring program “Nothing’s ImPASTAble;”
  • Ryan Bartel Foundation, $10,000, to expand We’re All Human” committees and training programs in six additional high schools for a peer-to-peer approach to suicide prevention and awareness;
  • SCAN of Northern Virginia, $10,000, to train new facilitators for Darkness to Light/Stewards of Children educational model to prevent child abuse;
  • Step Sisters, $7,000, to start a crisis fund for cancer patients experiencing extreme financial strain;
  • This is My Brave, $5,000, to cover costs for producing live stage production at NOVA community college to work toward ending the stigma of mental illness;
  • Volunteers of America Chesapeake, $10,000, to support Hope’s Chariot Transportation program for the Loudoun Homeless Services Center.


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