Royalty Tours Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn

Sweden’s King Carl XVI Gustaf toured the HHMI’s Janelia Research Campus in Ashburn last week as part of a Royal Technology Mission to science and technology centers in Boston, New York, and Washington, DC.

Also on the May 4 tour were Swedish ambassador Björn Lyrvall, and approximately 30 CEOs and leaders of technology companies in Sweden.

The delegation met with 2014 Nobel Prize winner Eric Betzig and Janelia’s Executive Director Gerry Rubin.

“This visit recognizes the world-class science we do here in Loudoun county,” Rubin stated. “Our guests showed great interest in our unique model for conducting scientific research and the accomplishments we’ve made in the 10 years since we opened our doors.”

The Janelia Research Campus ( employs more than 500 scientists and support staff from around the world and focuses on imaging and brain research, with an emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration at the nexus of experimentation, computation, and theory. Janelia seeks to share its scientific advances broadly, by actively engaging visiting scientists and providing new biological tools to the scientific community for free.

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