Leesburg’s New Economic Development Steering Committee Gears Up

The membership of the recently established steering committee to study economic development throughout the town is starting to take shape.

Last week, both the Planning Commission and Economic Development Commission nominated its representatives to serve on the panel. The steering committee will be chaired by Planning Commissioner Sharon Babbin. Commissioner Rick Lanham also will have a seat, with JoAnn Walker and Doris Kidder serving as alternates.

Tosha Woodard will be the Economic Development Commission’s representative on the steering committee.

The new appointees join council members Ron Campbell and Marty Martinez on the panel. The two council members will serve in ex oficio, or non-voting, roles.

Four more members have yet to be appointed. Two town residents and two members of the business community, which could include property owners, will be chosen by the five members of the committee who have already been appointed.

The committee’s charge is to develop a comprehensive plan for economic development throughout the town to serve as an update for that section of the Town Plan. Committee members will be led by an as-yet unchosen facilitator and one of their first matters of business will be looking back at the many economic development-related studies that have been prepared in the past by outside consultants, the town staff, and community groups.

The group is expected to begin meeting before the end of the month.  A final report will be presented to the council in the fall.

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