Editorial: Celebrating Small Business

In a county where economic development headlines are often dominated by the opening of the latest multi-hundred-million-dollar data center or the pursuit of a Fortune 500 headquarters, the coming week will put the spotlight squarely on the backbone of Loudoun’s economy.

This year’s Small Business Week events showcase the full breadth of entrepreneurship in our backyard. The weeklong celebration offers the public a chance to better understand the work that goes on behind the brick and glass of the office buildings they pass by every day, the challenges facing farmers adapting to the opportunities afforded by 21st century agriculture, and the importance of cutting-edge innovation.

Equally important is for members of the business community to take time out from their day-to-day responsibilities to compare notes with industry colleagues, even competitors, and to take advantage of some of the special programs being offered. There will be no shortage of inspirational stories among the dozens of presentations on tap and it will be hard for participants to walk away without gleaning something valuable from a fresh perspective.

The week’s roster of special programs ends with the popular Spring Farm Tour that is a staple of many family’s schedules, but there are many worthwhile events to consider. You can see the complete listing at loudounsmallbiz.org/calendar/small-business-week.

Small Business Week is billed as a celebration, and rightfully so. Loudoun is home to more than 10,000 companies with fewer than 20 employees. Their success is critical to the high quality of life that makes the county a special place to live—and to work.

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