Letter: Glenn Willard, Purcellville

Editor:  On April 29, more than 200,000 people gathered across the Potomac to call for policies to mitigate changes to the global climate. From what I hear, the Catholic contingent came out in full force under the organization of groups like Catholic Climate Covenant (of which I am a board member), The Global Catholic Climate Covenant and Franciscan Action Network. I was not there, but I did take time over my lunch break the day before to tell my member of Congress, Rep. Barbara Comstock, about my own concerns as a Catholic.

I’ve been a resident of Loudoun County for 17 years and am a member of St. Francis de Sales Catholic Church. As a Catholic, the church teaches that the reality of a changing climate is a moral, humanitarian crisis that affects the global poor and future generations. Inattentiveness to this problem undermines the inherent dignity of all human persons regardless of when or where they happen to live. The church asks us to take the stability of the climate seriously because the concern for all human life and our common home require this response.

I was eager to thank Rep. Comstock for her courage in co-sponsoring the Republican climate resolution that is currently gaining momentum in the House of Representatives. As a constituent and as a fellow Catholic, I am pleased that Rep. Comstock is lending her voice toward efforts to find solutions.

For the sake of the global poor and for the sake of our children and grandchildren, I am thankful for her for leadership.

Glenn Willard, Purcellville

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