Northam Stumps in Loudoun

Virginia Lt. Governor Ralph Northam (D) swung through Loudoun on Saturday to meet with members of Loudoun’s Indivisible organizations and attend the Loudoun Democrats 2017 Gala.

Northam said during his campaign he has seen enormous political involvement—such as with the Indivisible resistance groups that have popped up around Loudoun.

“I think we have to ask ourselves why is that?” Northam said. “What are we seeing? Not only across Virginia, but across this country, and my answer is, we’re seeing and we watched a campaign in 2016 that was really run off of hatred, and bigotry, and discrimination and fear, and people are standing up and saying you know what, this is not the country that I love.”

Northam, a military veteran, pediatric neurologist, and former state senator, and is competing with attorney, former congressman and Obama administration diplomat Tom Perriello in the Democratic June 13 primary for party’s gubernatorial nomination.

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