Letter: Mitch Diamond, Round Hill

Editor: Recently, we have been hearing a lot about what the developers, their
friends and their hired consultants want.  They want more single-family
houses.  They see our future as houses covering all of Loudoun from border
to border.
But what do the people of Loudoun want?  They have spoken clearly during the
Envision sessions, and they have spoken clearly to the researchers from UVA
in a recent survey.

In the Envision sessions residents of Loudoun provided almost 5000
individual statements.  They said:
(1) We want to preserve and protect what makes Loudoun special and unique –
our convenient suburban neighborhoods and our spectacular rural and historic
(2) We want to keep our open green space and we want more parkland and
recreational space;

(3) We want our terrible traffic problems solved; and

(4) We want the promise of Metro fulfilled with vibrant urban spaces and
great new forms of housing.

And, in the UVA survey, the people of Loudoun said:

(1) Too much growth is our worst problem;

(2) Too much traffic is our second worst problem;

(3) We love our convenient suburban communities; and

(4) And, we love our rural landscape
The people of Loudoun clearly did not say they want more single family
houses covering the County, bringing more traffic, covering more green space
and damaging our rural and historic landscape.

Don’t let the special interests define our future. If you agree with the
many who participated in these surveys and discussions, you need to tell our
leaders what you want.

Come to the Envision sessions in June and demand clear goals for Loudoun
that address our problems and preserve what we love.  Write or call your
Supervisors and tell them what is important to you. Be involved!

Mitch Diamond, Round Hill

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