Loudoun Cares Launches ‘Champion’ Campaign

The Loudoun Cares board of directors has launched a new annual campaign that will run from May 31 to June 30 to raise funds that will directly support Loudoun County.

“Loudoun Cares is focused solely on the county’s residents. We are reaching out with this campaign to offer the chance to support critical life sustaining and enriching programs for all Loudoun residents through individual donations,” Chairwoman Mary Ellen Bowers stated. “All of these tax-deductible donations will be directed to the development and operation of Loudoun Cares’ outstanding local programs.”

Loudoun Cares programs reach thousands of County residents and include an information and referral helpline help residents find critical food, clothing, shelter, and utility relief; an online volunteer center to match volunteers with agencies in need of their help; and the Claude Moore Community Builders Program that provides 40 high school students with training in leadership, communication skills and the culture of service.

Valuable benefits are reserved for each “Loudoun Cares Champion” donor. Supporters are encouraged to give via personal check, through the Loudoun Cares website or text  CARES to 91999.

For more information, go to www.loudouncares.org.


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