Leesburg Council Battles over Proclamation Procedures

       Debate over a proposal that Councilman Ken Reid said was designed to save time at council meetings took up nearly one-fifth of last week’s 2.5-hour session.

Reid proposed that the council drop its procedure to have each council member sign the ceremonial proclamations presented to residents and organizations to commemorate achievements or events. He said the mayor should sign them and that a formal reading of the declarations during the meetings was unnecessary. Reid said the council used 8 minutes of its May 23 meeting for the work.

His suggestion, however, triggered a half hour of debate during which council members defended the recognition process as an important civic activity or criticized it as pandering to political supporters.

In the end, there was no council majority to implement Reid’s suggestion and some related suggestions were ruled out of order for consideration during the meeting. While no action was taken, council members are prepared for the debate to continue at some future council meeting.


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