Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

Editor: The second round of Envision Loudoun exposes the truth: It’s rigged and it’s a waste of tax dollars. At Monday’s public hearing we were handed a document entitled “Vision, Goals & Objectives” that supposedly were developed after the first series of public meetings.  The first Vision was a condescending “Make a Great Place.” Boy, that shows keen insight and wisdom! (Sarcasm intended.)

But it was the second Vision that absolutely disgusts me: “Be an Economic Force.”

Depending on your point of view, that may be good or bad, but in either case it shows that the consultants have completely ignored what the public has said so far. After the first series of meetings, the consultants published a report titled “Listening & Learning.” But they neither listened nor learned. That report ended with a list of five key concerns expressed by citizens. Guess what was of least importance to residents? Jobs and business were cited by less than 10 percent of participants. Dead last.

So, if bringing in more businesses is not a priority for Loudouners, then why on earth did the Envision group make “Be an Economic Force” such an important goal? Because the people behind Envision Loudoun (mostly real estate and business people) want to get rich by turning Loudoun into another Fairfax.

Don’t let them get away from it! Call the Supervisors’ comment line (703-777-0115) and say “No more growth.” You can also register your opinion at envision-loudoun.org. That group has already proved that it won’t listen to the average citizen, and the supervisors need to know it.

Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

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