Letter: Ayala Sherbow, Lovettsville

Editor: Tuesday’s primary may be the most important non-presidential election Virginians have had in memory.

Under the Trump Administration, state legislatures are going to have a critical role in protecting the quality of life for all Americans. Trump’s health care plan, as passed by the House GOP, puts the preservation of affordable health care options in the hands of state legislatures. Under Trumpcare, states can end protections for people with pre-existing condition, can redefine what counts as “essential services” mandated for coverage by insurance plans—and can extend waivers to insurance companies from even covering these!  Even families covered by private or employer sponsored programs could find themselves with insurance that does not cover ER visits, hospital stays, routine pediatric care or maternal wellness. This is unacceptable and we need representation in Richmond that commits to protecting our health care.

The Trump/DeVos education plan cuts funding to special education, aftercare programs, arts education, and outrights eliminates 22 programs – including those that focus on literacy, teacher professional development, gifted students, and preschool development. It also funnels nearly 1 billion dollars into private schools with limited or no public oversight.  It will be up to our state legislature in Virginia to ensure that despite Trump’s shortsighted education budget, our children continue to get the quality education we expect and that they deserve. Our votes on Tuesday for Gov., Lt, Gov. and State Delegates have never been more important.

It is for this reason, that I am voting for Mavis Taintor for Democratic candidate for state delegate in District 33. Mavis’ has campaigned for months on issues that matter to me as a parent: access to affordable health care and quality education for my children. Mavis has 40 years of real world experience successfully navigating professional and personal challenges that many thought insurmountable.  She has the intelligence, stamina, grit, and commitment to run successfully against the GOP incumbent, and represent the interests of our district with integrity and a powerful voice.  She will arrive in Richmond ready to hit the ground running on behalf of all those in the 33rd District to ensure that we, our families, and our neighbors are best served by our state government.  If Democrats are serious about ousting the incumbent Republican, the choice is clear.  We must support Mavis Taintor.

Ayala Sherbow, Lovettsville

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