Finance Committee Grudgingly Recommends Renewing Inmate Medical Contract

The county finance committee has recommended the full Board of Supervisors renew its contract with the company that provides medical and psychiatric services in the jail and work release center, but not without hesitation.

The county will likely renew its contract with Correct Care Solutions of Nashville, TN, for two years at a cost of $4.75 million. That makes it the second-most expensive bid of the four the county received, which ranged from $5.62 million to $4.15 million. That puts Correct Care at nearly $600,000 above the lowest bid.

Chairwoman Phyllis J. Randall (D-At Large) said she has “significant unrest” with both the price of the contract and the language in it. She said she is also familiar with the bidders from her professional experience working in substance abuse among inmates.

“They are a good company, I’m not saying that is not true—that is very true,” Randall said. “But I’m also familiar with the other ones, and I don’t know that one outpaces the other to the tune of $600,000.”

Sheriff’s Office Major Michael Manning told the finance committee that Correct Care Solutions “came with a very detailed and demonstrated knowledge of what we were asking for.”

“They’ve shown us that in the past,” Manning said. “We’ve had a relationship with this company for over 11 years. They came to the table and they gave us everything we asked for in a very detailed manner.”

Four bids were evaluated by a panel of representatives from the sheriff’s office; the county Department of Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Services; and county Department of Finance and Procurement. That panel ranked Correct Care Solution’s proposal highest.

Some of the committee’s concerns centered around the state procurement process, which the county must follow—a perennial concern for Loudoun in the state capitol. That system does not allow the county to negotiate with or get binding price bids from more than one bidder at a time, effectively preventing competitive negotiations.

Supervisor Ralph M. Buona (R-Ashburn) said unless there is a verifiable difference between Correct Care Solutions and the next bidder, “right now, in my opinion, we are wasting $600,000 of taxpayer money over the next two years.”

“The state procurement system is rigged, and it’s rigged for professional services,” Buona said, bemoaning the outsized influence of those lobbies in the General Assembly.

And others revolved around how little time supervisors have to make this decision—the contract expires at the end of the month, so the county is under the gun to approve a new one before then. They have asked county staff to try to get these items to the board sooner. The county is required to provide psychiatric and medical services to inmates, meaning by law it must have answer before June 30.

According to campaign finance reports, at $3,000, Correct Care Solutions was the second-largest contributor to Sheriff Mike Chapman’s 2016 electoral campaign, second only to Falcon Heating and AC Inc. of Sterling at $4,000.

According to spokesmen for both the sheriff’s office and the county government, the sheriff did not participate in the procurement process.

The motion to recommend approving the contract also directs county staff to look into whether providing medical and psychiatric services from county employees rather than a contractor would be cheaper.

2 thoughts on “Finance Committee Grudgingly Recommends Renewing Inmate Medical Contract

  • 2017-06-16 at 8:33 pm

    That system does not allow the county to negotiate with or get binding price bids from more than one bidder at a time, effectively preventing competitive negotiations.

    But an example of the kind of crap that goes on in Richmond under the noses of voters.


    Full-time employees who misuse public assets are guilty of a FELONY—but for part-time employees misuse of public assets is legal (Va. Code §8.2-112.1).

    Why would anyone make such a distinction in criminal law?


    Members of the General Assembly are part-time.


    Va. Code §8.2-112.1. Retrieved from

    • 2017-06-19 at 9:33 am

      Good point Charlie. However, Loudoun enacted an ordinance making misuse of public assets by part-time employees (like Supervisors) a misdemeanor.

      I wonder who has broken that rule. Let’s see:

      Chair Phyllis Randall used her county staff to help maintain her “personal” Facebook page, thus violating the law. Her attorney even claimed that nothing she does outside of BOS meetings qualifies as “official” duties, thus the newsletter she sends out using county staff also violates it.

      The Fairfax County BOS claims the “Supervisor XYZ” Facebook pages are all “personal” and they neither have to retain the Facebook posts/comments/messages as public records (just like Hillary, they can delete Facebook messages from lobbyists with impunity) nor refrain from discriminating based on viewpoint on those discussion forums. In fact, some of the full-time Fairfax BOS members don’t even have admin privileges on their Supervisor Facebook pages because it’s completely controlled by county staff. That’s definitely a Class 4 felony.

      But you know, none of these corrupt Commonwealth’s Attorneys like Jim Plowman or Alexandria’s Bryan Porter has any intention of ever bringing Conflict of Interest or corruption charges against any of these politicians. The pols thumb their nose at us. These laws are in name only. They are there for propaganda, not to hold anyone accountable. Our government at both the state and local level is rotten to the very core.

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