Clock Work Resumes in Lovettsville

Construction crews returned to town this week to make the faces of Lovettsville’s new Town Center clock more visible at night.

With the help of a large crane, the work was expected to be complete by week’s end.

The long-anticipated amenity, which ultimately will include an animated glockenspiel, was completed last December. But town leaders quickly expressed dissatisfaction, largely because the clock faces were difficult to read.

In March, the Town Council voted to pay $1,100 more to the Christoph Paccard Bell Foundry, which designed and produced the clock faces, to switch them out.

Mayor Bob Zoldos sought to force the contractor to do the work for free, employing his rarely used veto power, but that was overridden.

Lovettsville’s Clock Tower will have new faces this week as the contractor works to make them more visible at night.

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