Loudoun Hops Association Forms

Aiming to support one of the county’s fastest growing agricultural sectors, the Loudoun Hops Association has formed.

Initial directors are Denise Rowell of Hamilton Hops, Emily Coryell of Dragon Hops, Chris Griffin of Black Hops and James Rowell of Hamilton Hops, with one seat still vacant.

The growers have been meeting monthly since March and recently filed incorporation papers.

They are exploring opportunities for grants, investments, land prospects and various options to support hops growing in Northern Virginia. Working with Beth Sastre-Flores from the Loudoun County Extension Office, the group is looking to develop educational programs to promote the cultivation of high-quality products.

“As a life-long resident of Loudoun County, I have seen the impact of growth and understand the importance of agriculture in keeping our green pastures and farm land,” Denise Rowell said. “Hop producers of this area will have great impact by creating jobs, supporting agricultural education opportunities and opening doors to new prospects in innovation for local farming.”

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