Class of 2017 Earns $54.7M in Scholarships

Recent graduates of Loudoun County public high schools collectively earned a whopping $54.77 million in scholarships, according to totals released by the school division.

That is down slightly from the school system’s class of 2016, which earned $59.5 million.

The class was made up of 5,257 graduates, and 1,613 of them received some form of financial aid. Female students received 59.76 percent of the scholarships, male students 40.24 percent.

The largest percentage of scholarships (66.63 percent) were awarded by colleges and universities, followed by military/Navy ROTC scholarships at 13.18 percent.

Other facts about the class of 2017:

  • 50.79 percent of the class was male, 49.21 percent female;
  • 63.51 percent will be attending a four-year college;
  • 25.55 percent will be attending a two-year college;
  • 2.15 percent will be pursuing other continuing-education options;
  • 1.62 percent will be entering the military;
  • Ethnically, 55.75 percent of the graduates were white; 15.43 percent Hispanic; 15.33 percent Asian; 8.31 percent African American; 4.87 percent multi-racial; 0.25 percent Native American; and 0.06 percent Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.