Leesburg Police Body Camera Contract Awarded

The Leesburg Town Council has awarded a contract to purchase body-worn cameras and in-car cameras for the Leesburg Police Department.

The $176,255 sole-source contract was awarded to Motorola Solutions. The money for the contract was already appropriated in the adopted fiscal year 2017 budget’s Capital Asset Replacement Fund.

A 2015 report of The President’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing got the ball rolling for many police departments nationwide to make the move toward body-worn and in-car cameras. The department began researching the initiative in earnest early last year, but Town Manager Kaj Dentler had said he wanted to hold off on the purchase until the new police chief was hired and could share his or her input. Chief Gregory Brown joined the town department in the fall and has supported the initiative.

According to a staff report, Motorola Solutions was identified as the sole vendor with a fully integrative system with capabilities that no other vendor could provide. The Motorola Si500 Video Speaker Microphone Body Worn and In-Car Camera Solution is the only product that can seamlessly communicate with the department’s current APX 7000 Portable Radio and the new Motorola Solutions Records Management System and Computer Aided Dispatch. The department’s new RMS/CAD System will be implemented in fiscal years 2018 and 2019. The Digital Evidence Management System, which provides storage of data, is also included in Motorola’s contract.

Sam Shenouda, public information officer for the Leesburg Police Department, said the contract is expected to net the department 55 body-worn cameras, enough to equip every member of its patrol division. While there is not yet an exact number on how many in-car cameras will be purchased, it is also expected to cover the patrol fleet.

The contract was approved unanimously as part of the council’s consent agenda, with Councilman Ron Campbell absent.




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