Letter: Carol G. Jameson, Loudoun Human Services Network

Editor:   On behalf of the Loudoun Human Services Network, we are appreciative of the many positive comments made by the Loudoun Board of Supervisors in support of the services and programs we provide to the Loudoun community.

We also greatly appreciate that our county and the board understand the importance of investing in our organizations by allocating funding for fiscal year 2018, and for their time and energy spent each year in refining the process.

We are proud of the diverse and essential human services our members provide to thousands of Loudoun residents.

Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in the health of our Loudoun community. We provide critical services, opportunities for members of the community to become involved through volunteerism, and a voice to those whose needs have been hidden. We pioneer solutions to social challenges. We are productive, reliable, effective and responsive and we save lives, restore independence, ensure safety, help children grow up strong and healthy, and ensure individuals are engaged and participatory members of our community.

We strongly reiterate our recommendation that the county form a Human Services Advisory Council.

This public-private partnership, composed of nonprofit leaders, county administration and other county staff, including key county departments such as the Departments of Family Services, Health, and Mental Health, Substance Abuse, and Developmental Services, will be an intentional and effective avenue to provide formal recommendations regarding the nonprofit grant process, address human service needs in Loudoun County, and identify annual priorities as they relate to funding for human services.

Carol G. Jameson, Loudoun Human Services Network

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