Purcellville Council Hones Fireman’s Field Priorities

Purcellville Town Council discussed in greater detail the future of the Fireman’s Field complex on Tuesday night.

As part of its effort to generate revenue from the complex, the council is planning to issue a Request for Proposals that would allow private companies or nonprofit organizations to lease or manage the property. A less formal solicitation process in the spring resulted proposals from four entities. Two want to take over full management of the complex, while two outlined plans for partial management.

The 13-acres complex, which includes the Bush Tabernacle, a baseball stadium, the Haske Field youth ball diamond and the Dillon Woods picnic area, was acquired by the town in 2008. The town charges a 3.5-cent real estate surtax to pay for the purchase.

“We have a valuable treasure that is also an income-producing revenue asset that has not been well-maintained as much as it could, would or should be,” said Councilwoman Kelli Grim. “We are in a very negative situation that I think we are moving toward removing.”

The town is creating a request for proposals to better gather more details on want the bidders would do at the complex. Councilmembers made suggestions for additional information to ensure the respondents understand what is required of them if they take over the management.

Councilman Ryan Cool suggested the RFP encourage prospective managers to find ways to quell the complex’s sound levels.

“I’d like to hear some suggestions about noise abatement,” he said. “I think there’s a couple simple fixes that we could look at.”

The two other council suggestions included clauses that would require the property managers to honor all advertising commitments and all future events at the Bush Tabernacle that have already been arranged.

“Anything that is on the books would be honored,” Cool said. “There would be no cancelling of any of those events.”

Assistant Town Manager Danny Davis asked councilmembers to submit any additional edits to the request for proposal by the end of the week.

Town staff will now amend the request for proposal before bringing it to the July 25 Town Council meeting for approval.


One thought on “Purcellville Council Hones Fireman’s Field Priorities

  • 2017-07-25 at 4:27 pm

    I wish they had the slightest idea of what fireman’s field used to look like before they criticize its “lack” of maintenance. Unbelievable. I found myself at the food and wine festival in ahhh how many improvements have been done to that entire facility since I played ULYF 20 years ago. Very pleased with my tax dollars that have been spent there.

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