Cannons’ Sutera Puts Away 8 in Southern Collegiate Showcase

Cannons pitcher Thomas Sutera was the winning pitcher for the Valley Baseball League at the opening game of the Southern Collegiate Showcase on Saturday.

The Valley Baseball League’s best shut out the Southern Collegiate Baseball League team 6-0, scoring in the first, sixth, and eighth innings.

Sutera took over in the third inning with the VBL up 2-0, putting away eight batters until Kitt Kapell singled in the fifth. In three innings, Sutera struck out three, allowing three hits and no runs. As the first reliever in a game where the Valley League lead from the first inning, he was credited as the winning pitcher.

Cannons third baseman Trevin Esquerra also took the field, subbing in for third base in the sixth inning.

The Valley League team went on to beat the Cal Ripken League team 3-0, although neither Cannon saw playtime in that game.

Rain cut the showcase short. The Valley Baseball League team was scheduled to play a championship game, but instead went home with a 2-0 record against other collegiate summer leagues. The tournament also included the Sunbelt League and Florida Collegiate Summer League. The tournament showcased talent from across the southeast for both fans and scouts.

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