Letter: David Mendelsohn, Ashburn

Editor: David Reid is a different political candidate.  He is running for delegate from Loudoun County. David is different.

He grew up in Virginia. His father, a blacksmith, had a hard time financially with six children and David and siblings were placed in the children’s home. After six years foster parents took him in. He worked diligently at school and with Pell grants, financial aid and work study programs he attended college. After graduation he served with the U.S. Naval Reserve for 23 years and with several commendations and promotions rose to the rank of commander. He established a business in Loudoun County. His goals are to bring more jobs to the county, bring the tax dollars sent to Richmond back to serve Loudoun County and implement full day kindergarten.

Unlike political figures who were born into wealth David understands poverty and the needs of the workers. Unlike the Republican leadership, David is opposed to the removal of safeguards and standards to protect us from unscrupulous organizations that cheat, market unsafe products, cutting Medicare benefits and removing safety nets.

He is a candidate worthy of your support.

David Mendelsohn, Ashburn


2 thoughts on “Letter: David Mendelsohn, Ashburn

  • 2017-07-23 at 4:54 pm

    From what I can tell he mirrors the democrat talking points to the letter. Another in a long line of Big Daddy Government fixes. A different candidate with the same BS!

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