Letter: Pamela Lindo, Purcellville

Editor: With all due respect, while we all appreciate the Board of Supervisors’ dedication in serving Loudoun County, this is meant to be a public servant job.

This was never meant to be a full-time position because it is supposed to entice others to serve for the betterment of community and it is no way meant to fulfill monetary obligations by becoming a full-time position. If it becomes a position where the enticement becomes monetary, it will fail to achieve its purpose. It will, in my humble opinion, become much more politicized and polarized … and could become a mini Washington on the Hill.

Furthermore, the salary increase is based on a 4 percent yearly pay increase since 2008. While we all understand that Loudoun County is an expensive place to live, that does not justify giving supervisors a hefty 4 percent proposed pay bump of 62 percent for what is meant to be a part-time position.

Pamela Lindo, Purcellville


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