Lothar’s Rebrands as Business Grows

Since 2008, Lothar Erbe and June Bush have been providing preservative-free and high quality hand-made German style sausages. They also offer high quality preservative-free meats such as beef, lamb and pork in Erbe’s expert cuts.

Because of the expansion of products in their Purcellville store, the couple sought to re-brand the business to reflect its shirt from a gourmet sausage shop to the world-class butcher shop. [Erbe will compete in on the six-member U.S. Team in the World’s Butchers Challenge next spring in Belfast, Ireland.”

Graphic designer Stilson Greene assisted in the effort. “I did not want to drastically change the name or the brand, only to enhance it,” Greene said. “By adding one new word and replacing the emphasis we went from Lothar’s Gourmet Sausages to Lothar’s Butchery & Gourmet Sausages. It was a small logistic word play but opens up the business to what it has become over the years. The new logo also reflects the vision of a hand-wrought artisanal butcher shop.”

“We are very pleased with our new look”, says June, “and Lothar and I believe it speaks to our clientele. We are committed to quality product—sourced from local producers, then butchered and made into delicious cuts, bacon and sausages by a world-class master butcher who just happens to be my husband.”

Lothar’s Butchery & Gourmet Sausages is located at 860 E. Main Street, Suite A in Purcellville.

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