Welcome to Round Hill’s Poulsen Park

The Town Council reached back to the town’s earliest days when choosing a name for its newest park.

In the late 1880s, Niels Poulsen operated a sawmill and specialized in spokes for vehicles. He lived at the center of town, where the post office is located today. Poulsen raised 11 children and his decedents still live in town. His great-great-granddaughter suggested naming the park in his memory.

Poulsen immigrated from Denmark in 1872, sailing to New York City on The Minnesota. He worked in Chicago, Iowa and Pennsylvania before moving to Round Hill in 1881. He opened a factory on the site of the Baptist Church, making spokes and ax handles. When the factory burned to the ground, he moved the factory and his home to High Street. He also owned the property at the corner of Main Street and Loudoun Street.

[See full staff report and historical information here.]

The 8-acre park is being donated by the developer of the Brentwood Springs neighborhood. Under the development plans, the park will have 4 acres of active recreation space with a fitness trail, playground and open lawn. Once the park site is formally dedicated to the town, the council will discuss future amenities and features.

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