USTMA Builds Korean Connections

USTMA traveled to South Korea last month to participate in the 20th Samcheok Mayor’s Taekwondo Championship.

Under the leadership of Grand Master Choi, Master John Choi and Alessandra Riederer, students participated in Forms (Poomse), Sparring (Kyorugi) and Board Breaking (Gyukpa) events.

USTMA competitors, ranging in ages from 8 to over 50, were Ky Quan, Ethan Quan, Henry Quan, Richard Sawchak, Jennifer Sawchak, Ally Sawchak, Robin Hardy, Ethan Hardy, Wyatt Hardy, Angela Lierni, Benjamin Lierni, Joshua Lierni, Jenna Lierni, Samantha Gode, Andrew Gode and Sherilee Gode.

In addition to providing students with instruction on taekwondo, USTMA provides education and the opportunity to learn about the South Korean culture. Since 2003 the Town of Leesburg has been linked to Samcheok City, South Korea. Each year, Korean students come to visit and compete in the USTMA Kick Cancer Out of the World Tournament and USTMA Taekwondo students compete in their Mayor’s Championship.

This year two USTMA students trained with the Samil High School Taekwondo team in Samcheok City during June.
“We like to provide a comprehensive experience to our students.” Master John Choi said. “We are so glad we could provide them with this experience.”
“It is awesome to be able to go to Korea and compete with our students. The culture, taekwondo, and camaraderie at USTMA is unique and cannot be found in any other local Dojang.” USTMA instructor said Al Riederer.

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