Letter: Mike Panchura, Sterling

Editor: While many people are criticizing the statue-ists among us, I believe we should honor the statue-ists’ right to be heard and even go a little further to recognize them on a permanent basis.

“Statue-ists” is my term for the politicians and activists who are on a mission to remove or destroy all statues of Confederate soldiers such as the one in front of the courthouse in Leesburg. Just like the communists under dictator Josef Stalin in the former Soviet Union did, our statue-ists apparently want to erase our country’s history.

Although I totally disagree with their mission, I think we must honor their right to be heard based upon the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Furthermore, I think we should do more to ensure that the statue-ists are recognized for their efforts.

Therefore, here is what I suggest we do: Let’s erect a statue of a statue-ist right next to the Confederate soldier statue in Leesburg. The statue of the statue-ist could be molded into a pose of a person holding a hammer (and perhaps even a sickle) over the Confederate soldier statue as if the statue-ist statue is about to smash the soldier statue. The face on the statue-ist statue could be made in the likeness of one of today’s prominent Virginia statue-ists such as Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe or even one of our Loudoun County supervisors who have joined up with the gaggle of statue-ists.

Doing this would ensure that the plight of the statue-ists is recognized in perpetuity.

Of course, then we’ll just have to hope and pray that the statue-ists don’t show up some night to deface or destroy the statue that’s been built in their remembrance.

Mike Panchura, Sterling

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