Letter: Kacey Young, Purcellville

Editor: Addressing LCPS’s characterization of their now removed advert for their app as “*broad* satire,” “broad” is right.

The boilerplate-esque statement that LCPS was apologetic for offending some, yet “received mostly positive responses” to their ill-conceived ad is defensive at best. This is more insulting than the original ad; after all they didn’t apologize for the ad, but for some’s emotional response to it. Such apologies lack genuine contrition and fail to acknowledge a wrong doing, instead finger-pointing back at the offended.

LCPS need not apologize for the “we” who were offended; LCPS needs to apologize for its failure to see how the ad was offensive to so many and ignored the very diversity that characterizes its school system and our region.

This is an easy-to-see spotlight on the continued objectification of the female image (of any gendered image, frankly) and how thoughts about gender, economic and social issues need expanding.

Not offended? Great!

Don’t even care enough to give it a second thought? Perfect.

Did you forget soccer practice while wearing yoga pants and guzzling a child-sized coffee purchased at a drive-through and have a good laugh about it? Genuinely wonderful!

But if all those thoughts and adjectives can be appropriately applied to those who didn’t find the ad offensive, so can the space be made for those of us who didn’t appreciate it.

Did it ruin my day and push me into histrionics? Nope. The most I could muster was a snort-sneer and a mumbled, sarcastic, “thanks.”

Am I overly sensitive? Likely not.

Do I see this apology as indicative of a larger platform that continues to allow physical differences to interfere with our human right to grow and pursue happiness in whatever civically allowed means we choose? I do.

Kacey Young, Purcellville

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