Letter: Zack Voell, Leesburg

Editor: Prohibiting local breweries and food trucks from teaming up to serve Leesburg patrons ignores basic economic rights and the huge benefits that such pairings have created throughout Northern Virginia (“Food truck fight coming to Leesburg?” August 17, 2017).

Loudoun County is home to dozens of mobile vendors and craft brewers who routinely partner to serve tasty eats and delicious drinks to thousands of hungry and thirsty customers. But in Leesburg, the town’s zoning ordinance makes all of this technically illegal.  The town should revise its food truck regulations and, in the meanwhile, refrain from enforcing its private property ban. Food trucks pose no health or safety concerns, and, although some seek to maintain the ban in an effort to stack the deck in favor of incumbent businesses, such blatant economic discrimination is wholly unconstitutional.

Banning trucks from teaming up with breweries also prohibits local businesses in Leesburg from using their land as they see fit: in a totally safe, crowd-pleasing way. The Town Council should respect private business arrangements, embrace the food trucks, and let Leesburg eat.

 Zack Voell, Leesburg

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