Don’t Throw Them Away: Teen Collecting Eclipse Glasses For Charity

It all started with a simple question, posed from 13-year-old Max Greenberg to his parents.

“What do I do with these?” he asked Monday evening, holding up the once highly-in-demand solar eclipse glasses to his mom, Lauren Greenberg.

“My husband and I started looking online and saw that Astronomers Without Borders was collecting them but there was nowhere to send them yet,” she said. “[Max] said ‘well everyone’s going to throw them away before then,’ so we said, ‘what about you?'”

So Max Greenberg, an eighth grader at Harper Park Middle School, spent the waning days of his summer vacation collecting eclipse glasses, eventually to be donated to children in Africa for its upcoming eclipse. His parents posted a message from him on their River Creek community’s Facebook page, as well as their personal Facebook pages. Soon, a good friend of theirs who serves on the board of the Loudoun Public Library got wind of Max’s endeavor and put the wheels in motion for all library branches to be collection sites for the glasses.

Max had already collected several dozen glasses by his own volition by earlier in the week, running around to neighbor’s houses and other surrounding communities. He even put up a donation box in front of his own home for passersby to drop off their old glasses.

Those who wish to donate their used eclipse glasses can visit any of Loudoun’s library branches to find a drop box to Astronomers Without Borders.

River Creek teen Max Greenberg is helping to collect used eclipse glasses for Astronomers Without Borders.

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