Loudoun 100 Celebrates County’s Unsung Heroes

A local photographer and business owner is rolling out a first-of-its-kind initiative that will recognize 100 of the county’s lesser-known, everyday heroes.

Aliyah Dastour, owner of headshot and videography studio Alimond Studio in Leesburg, said she noticed countless people in Loudoun—people of all ages and backgrounds—who do amazing things to improve their little corner of the world, and she wanted to come up with a way to celebrate them.

“I wanted to positively impact local lives by highlighting goodwill, charity, generosity and a stronger sense of doing good,” she said.

Earlier this year, she created and launched Loudoun 100. She invited nominations of individuals who are doing incredible things for the betterment of the community but rarely get kudos. Over a 12-week stretch, she received 600 nominations through an anonymous online platform. Each candidate was screened and selected based on their empowering stories and their strong attributes in differing industries.

Each candidate has a passion for specific values and beliefs that align with different causes and brands in Loudoun County, Dastour said.

The Loudoun 100 will be unveiled at a launch party from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 12, at ProJet Aviation in Leesburg. The event is open to the public and is expected to draw 500 attendees. The Loudoun 100 book—that tells the stories of the 100 honorees—will be released and a video featuring the Loudoun 100 will be shown.

General admission is $25. Loudoun 100 honorees and children 16 years and younger are free.

Dastour said she considers Loudoun 100 a one-time opportunity to shine a spotlight on so many who make the Loudoun community special. “Loudoun 100 elevates the lives of our neighbors that have a positive lasting impression on the people they encounter and help unite us as a community, and they enable us to see the world through varying types of lenses.”

Watch a promotional video about the project here.

For more information on Loudoun 100 or to purchase tickets, go to loudoun100.com.

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