Site Work Begins on Traffic-Calming Project

​            Crews were at work in Hillsboro this week to continue collecting information needed for the construction of the Hillsboro Traffic-Calming and Infrastructure Project.

​SaLUT-TLB, a Division of Soil and Land Use Technology, Inc., conducted test borings on Rt. 9 between Hillsboro Road and Stoney Point Road. ​

​            That crew was joined by Volkert Engineering traffic group personnel, who visited to monitor and gather information about the maintenance of traffic operations. Volkert was selected in July to prepare the documentation needed to issue construction bids.

​            The project has been a decade in the planning stage, with the goal to create a pedestrian- and business-friendly streetscape that protects the historic village. Planned features include two traffic roundabouts, raised crosswalks, sidewalks, on-street parking, a bike/shared-use path, burial of all overhead utilities, duct banks for future communication/data utilities, design and installation of a new drinking water main, and sanitary sewer main and laterals.

​            Once Volkert’s engineering work is done, the project will be ready for construction to begin.

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