Buffington Goes West

One of Loudoun’s two western supervisors has moved to rural western Loudoun.

​At 236 square miles, Tony R. Buffington Jr.’s sprawling Blue Ridge District encompasses nearly half of the county’s area, from the edge of Dulles Airport to the Clarke County line, along all but a small fraction of the county’s southern boundary and stretching north of Hillsboro.

When he ran for office, and until recently, he lived in Brambleton, on the far eastern edge of his district. The subdivision shares a boundary line with Dulles Airport.

“That was my biggest obstacle, I’ll say, was that people in western Loudoun saw me as this city boy from eastern Loudoun until they realized … that I grew up in Clarke County, I was a Future Farmer of America, and if anything I grew up in an area more rural than all of western Loudoun,” Buffington said.

Now he has moved to Purcellville, in the heart of western Loudoun, to get “back to my roots.” He left the countryside to join the Marine Corps and then Capitol Police. After joining Capitol Police, he lived in Arlington and then southern Maryland before coming to Loudoun.

“I love Brambleton, but for me, I’ve never felt like since I left Clarke County that I really was back home yet, until I moved to Purcellville,” Buffington said. “And now I feel like I’m back home, back to my roots where I belong.”

And he said there could be a difference from the dais, now that he lives in western Loudoun.

“I would like to say no, but the fact is, I will learn more about what would be better for folks in this area and in western Loudoun,” Buffington said. “… It’s not that I care more about Purcellville now that I live here, it’s just I’m going to learn more about it because I’m coming in and out of it every day.”


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