Purcellville Also May Drop Windshield Decals

Purcellville won’t be joining the effort to allow the county government to collect town property taxes, but it will likely follow suit in dropping the requirement to display window decals in vehicles.

Five of Loudoun’s seven incorporated towns have signed on to a proposal—still requiring General Assembly authorization—for the county to handle their tax billing.

The town, like the county and other municipalities, charges a $25 annual vehicle license fee. It also levies a tax of $1.05 per $100 of value for each vehicle, on top of the county’s $4.20 tax rate. The windshield decal has long been an indication that the taxes had been paid.

The town has used a “permanent” decal for the past 10 years and stopped requiring annual changes. Past discussions about eliminating the decals altogether were halted, in part, by County Treasurer Roger Zurn’s support for their continued use. Earlier the Board of Supervisors agreed to drop the decals in the county.

According to a staff report, the town could lose about $11,000 a year from dropping decals, but could make up that revenue by increasing the license fee by $2. If the town opted to follow the county’s lead and increase the charge to $30, it could net a $13,000 revenue increase.

A vote on the issue is expected at tonight’s meeting.

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