Letter: Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

Editor:  I read some of the stakeholders’ comments about the Transition Area and almost threw up.

I have always thought that Envision Loudoun was a scam and that its stakeholders group was rigged to let the real estate and developers crowd decide the future of Loudoun County.

Particularly disgusting was the overt greed expressed by a guy named Henriksen who represents the Realtors gang: Apparently, it’s not enough to jam thousands of new houses into the Transition Area and ruin it, we must also allow shopping centers and gas stations so all these new folks will be enticed to move there.

Henriksen also makes a comment that illustrates just how dangerous this group is. He thinks we should focus on “meeting housing demand,” which is Realtor-speak for “we want more commissions.” He and the other stakeholders just don’t understand what truly should be the fundamental, first question: How much larger do we want Loudoun to be?

Were it up to me, I’d reduce the population by 15 or so specific people—the real estate shills on the Stakeholders Committee. They can all move back to Fairfax as far as I’m concerned. We should not let their avarice define what our county should be.

Charles Houston, Paeonian Springs

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  • 2017-09-23 at 4:54 pm

    How is hate a “good letter?” Charles Houston is filled with a hate and a rage we’ve come to expect from ill-informed people. Threatening to have people “removed” from the County?
    1) This stakeholders group was not created by the real estate industry. It was created by Phyllis Randall as part of her campaign pledge that the current comprehensive plan was out of date and we needed a new one.
    2) More houses means less money for Realtors. The few the houses, the higher the prices. The higher the prices, the higher the commissions. And since most new construction sales are without a realtor, that industry stands little to gain by more houses and (not the least of which is the fact that realtors can SELL ANYWHERE IN THE STATE OF VIRGINIA!) The exclusivity of the neighborhood (Loudoun) brings in the haves and drives out the have nots.
    3) This group has little to do with how big Loudoun will be. If we do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, Loudoun will be at about 500,000 people by 2040. If density isn’t increased in the East, the only place for those people to go would be West. So…
    4) If Charles Houston wants to stay living in his idyllic 1970’s Loudoun (because I’m sure he doesn’t use any of the services that have proliferated over the years he’s lived here,) he ought to support density around metrorail otherwise all of us Yankees are gonna build houses on 5, 10 and 20 acres in the West and take the metrorail to work.
    5) Of course, if we ban all new construction from today forward, who will Charles Houston hate when everyone moves to Jefferson County and drives past his house off of Rt. 9 every day? Who will he blame then?

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