WK Hearth and Shoe’s are Back in Business

Two Loudoun favorites have reopened this week after kitchen fires forced them to close their doors. WK Hearth in Purcellville reopened Tuesday after a May 9 kitchen fire, and Shoe’s Cup & Cork opened Monday after a Aug. 27 fire.

The staff at WK Hearth, which is known for its American Southern fare and made-from-scratch specialty cocktails, got the green light from inspectors late Friday that they could move back in. Jason Miller, who owns WK Hearth and its sister eateries the Wine Kitchen in downtown Leesburg and Frederick with Michael Mercer, said it’s made for a busy few days to restock ingredients and reopen the doors.

The fire started near the hood in the kitchen, and mostly stayed in the wall. Miller thanked Loudoun County Fire-Rescue who responded to the call and extinguished the fire within minutes. “Thanks to them coming quickly, and we put in a fire block when we put in the second floor. For those two reasons it wasn’t catastrophic.”

WK Hearth, at 30 Purcellville Gateway Drive, is open for happy hour and dinner this week and will return to its full schedule, serving brunch and lunch, next week. As part of the reopening, the eatery is launching a Make Your Own Cocktail program, which invites customers to have their taste buds direct the bartenders.

“It’s an idea we birthed out of going to sushi restaurants, where you get a sheet of paper and can pick exactly what you want,” Miller said. “You can pick your spirits, let us know how dry you want it, how sweet you want it.”

Shoe’s Cup & Cork was closed for the past month. It’s reopened this week with a revamped menu. Firefighters from any jurisdiction eat for free through Halloween, and on Halloween day, any firefighter or person wearing a firefighter costume eats free.


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