Purcellville Police to Reinstate Facebook Page

Purcellville residents can soon use a new Facebook page to stay up-to-date with information from the town’s police department.

According to Lt. Joe Schroeck, the department plans to bring back its Facebook page, which was deactivated about six years ago, in hopes of accelerating the spread of information. Because a social media policy must first be created, an activation date has yet to be announced.

“I just want to do it soon,” Schroeck said. “We need to do a better job of getting our message out.”

The department feels a police-specific page will help communicate public safety issues with residents quicker than going through the town’s Facebook page, which is currently being managed by Town Clerk Diana Hays.

“We need one specific for us,” Schroeck said. “It’s just a little quicker.”

Councilman Ryan Cool also expressed concern during the Council’s Sept. 26 meeting that residents were posting about suspicious activity on the town Facebook page instead of calling the police.

In response, Schroeck said the page will have a disclaimer stating it won’t be monitored 24/7 and that it should be used only to obtain information on public safety and how to report crime.

“We just want to do it right,” he said.


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